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For 75 years, Cartiere Modesto Cardella has participated in community development as an enterprise dedicated to the industrial production of paper for corrugated board. A family business, from Lucca, which has always made economic financial solidity its value, and ethics its guiding principle.

If today we can buy an article on Amazon and have it delivered to our home in a cardboard box, if the paper issued on the market for consumption in different ways can then be collected in order to be recycled, it is also thanks to companies like Cartiere Modesto Cardella.

The first nucleus of the company was established in 1908 in San Pietro a Vico, near Lucca. In 1946, the site was bought by the three Cardella brothers and in the ‘50s, the property passed to Modesto, who remained the sole owner until his son Mario took the helm of the company due to his father’s untimely death.

Mario has always firmly believed in the sustainable development of the company and has continued investing in technology and innovation. He is still at the heart of the company whose board he chairs and which he leads together with his children Cristina, Modesto and Rosaria.


Our team

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Mario Cardella

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Chief Executive Officer

Modesto Cardella

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Board Member

Andrea Bortoli

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Plant Manager

Andrea Moretti

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Rosaria Cardella

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Cristiana Cardella

Very high bank rating

The company enjoys a very high bank rating and is distinguished by large investments in innovation and development. It participates in the Master course in “Paper/cardboard production and management of the production system”.

Rating Cribis D&B 1


From straw to paper, from paper to cardboard

Vasche per la depurazione delle acque di cartiera

Up until the 1970s, packaging paper was produced
by converting straw residues. But in the 1980s, the facility’s plants were converted into the more promising recycling of waste paper.

Since then, the facility in San Pietro a Vico has been producing papers for corrugated cardboard, turning waste into a new, versatile and sustainable product, precious today more than ever.

The company produces corrugated paper for “waves” and for “covers,” in reels destined for companies that convert it into sheets of cardboard and then into boxes mainly for the world of logistics and distribution.

In the paper and cardboard recycling chain, the Company is recognized for top reliability. Cartiere Modesto Cardella is a member of Confindustria Toscana Nord/Assocarta (General Confederation of Italian Industry/ Italian Association of Paper Producers) and is a founding member of Comieco (Italian National Consortium for the Recovery and Recycling of Cellulose-based Packaging), Serveco (Italian agency involved in the collection and disposal of waste systems), Aquapur (wastewater treatment company) and CEL (Lucca energy consortium).

Operaio al lavoro in cartiera


Two lines for non-stop production

With the construction of PM4 in 1977, a biological sewage treatment plant was also put into operation, which still treats the mill’s effluent.

In 1995 a substantial renovation of the entire wet section of the paper machine was implemented, a Duoformer was added, as well as two Voith Sulzer shoe presses to increase capacity and production quality.

Between 2009 and 2013, a complete overhaul of the PM4 line was carried out to yield an even more modern line capable of producing reels of fluting and testliner in different grammages, also treated in film press.

In addition to the paper machines, in 1996 Cartiere Modesto Cardella was the first to install a gas turbine and a cogeneration plant capable of feeding some of the electricity produced into the public grid.