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Corrugated cardboard:
much more than a product

Cardboard comes from recycled waste paper
and turns a waste product into an indispensable resource, today more than ever.

Corrugated cardboard

The eco-friendly material that is good for the planet

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It normally consists of two paper surfaces called “covers,” which enclose the paper wave. Which gives stability and strength to the whole. The adhesives used to hold the paperboard together are all natural, derived from cornstarch or starch.

We could say that cardboard is the planet’s best friend because unlike foam materials or plastic derivatives, in addition to being recyclable, it is also 100% biodegradable. This means that it essentially destroys itself and, if incinerated, does not produce harmful fumes.

Plastic, a direct competitor to cardboard in the realm of packaging, comes mainly from fossil raw materials. In the course of its entire life cycle – which goes from its production to the end of its life – it emits carbon dioxide. Furthermore, as of January 14, 2022, regulations banning single-use plastics officially came into effect in Italy.

Paper packaging is therefore a viable alternative that can equate with plastic in terms of both design and functionality, which can also help to significantly reduce environmental impact.

Carta da riciclare

The future is circular

From waste to fundamental asset

Waste paper returns to the cardboard production cycle. In Italy, this represents over 80% of the raw material. The remaining 20% is comprised of other fibres coming from the cutting of responsibly managed and controlled hardwood and softwood forests .


The production of corrugated cardboard significantly reduces the problem of waste disposal. Of the approximately 30 million tonnes of municipal solid waste that accumulate each year in Italy, 1/6 is comprised of cellulose packaging. Thanks to waste sorting and a supply chain including some suitably equipped paper mills, the effective recycling rate of paper and cardboard in Italy to date is 85%.

Corrugated cardboard is by nature is a product that lends itself easily to recycling. Once used, it can be easily entrusted to waste sorting systems, whether private or public agencies, which transfer it to sorting plants that by sorting and pressing it into bales, make it immediately suitable for complete recycling. In Italy, about 10 tonnes of waste paper are recycled every minute, since the fibre to be recycled can be reused, even up to 25 times.

Because of its versatility, corrugated cardboard is a totally eco-friendly product. At the end of its original intended use, thanks to its recycling it can live again multiple lives, it can contain and protect new products, move and handle goods, and all respecting the environment.

Product range

Cartiere Modesto Cardella’s business is focused on the production of paper for corrugated board, a key product for the world of logistics and packaging.