#energiamo. Meeting with the public at Circolo Anspi Vivere San Pietro a Vico.

Yesterday, 01/09/2022, at the Circolo Anspi (National Association of San Paolo Italy) of the organization Vivere San Pietro a Vico, a meeting took place between Cartiere Modesto Cardella and the inhabitants of the town to talk about #energiamo, the project that includes improvements to the industrial site of the company, the construction of a biomethane production plant, and the redevelopment of the surrounding area through works for the community.

In an attentive and cordial atmosphere, Rosaria Cardella, together with Andrea Moretti, engineer and Plant Manager, and Mr Zecchini, engineer and Environmental and Safety Consultant, explained the status of the project, also answering any questions from the attendees.

Rosaria Cardella opened the meeting, briefly recounting the history of the company that has been carrying out work within a circular production cycle for 75 years, involving the converting of waste paper into new paper subsequently converted into cardboard, one of the most ecological and versatile materials in existence. She then spoke about the company’s longstanding focus on sustainability and renewable energy, hence the #energiamo project.

Afterwards, Mr Moretti illustrated each of the works planned, both internal to the company and externally and, in particular, regarding the biomethane plant, he gave the floor to Mr Zecchini who elaborated on the topic, emphasizing how biomethane is today one of the most Green sources available and therefore, an optimal solution to reduce CO2 emissions deriving from industrial activities.

At the end of the meeting there was room for questions from the people who attended, who rightly wanted to elaborate on a number of issues, both technical and regarding the timelines for the implementation of the various works.

Also present was the San Pietro a Vico Town Committee, which stressed the importance of adhering to the schedule so that the works can be carried out concretely and within a reasonable time frame, also underscoring the desire to maintain constant communication with the company in order to monitor the project step by step.

Of course, Cartiere Modesto Cardella, which has every interest in ensuring that everything proceeds as planned, was equally willing to schedule more meetings with the community in the future to take stock of the situation. In addition to this, the company stated that periodic updates will be posted on its website as the work progresses

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