#energiamo. What is the status of the school parking lot?

Progress of the project.

The Municipality of Lucca recently approved the feasibility project for the construction of a parking lot next to the elementary school in the town of San Pietro a Vico, a project fully financed by Cartiere Modesto Cardella. The works also include the creation of a green area and a children’s playground.

In more detail, the project entails the construction of a raised parking lot at street level, in the western part of the area, with 37 parking spaces, as well as a dedicated parking stallfor the school bus. The new parking lot will be located in a protected area with direct access to the school.

The patch of land adjacent to the school is to be transformed into a green area, enhanced with pathways, ornamental plants and a playground.

Public Works Councilor Nicola Buchignani stressed the importance of this project that hasbeen planned for some time, and which addresses the need for greater safety for families when accompanying children to school.

More updates coming soon.

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