Climate change is real: corporate responsibility towards the environment.

Since the 1980s, each decade has been warmer than the previous one, stretching back as far as 1850″. This is stated by WWF in an article devoted to climate change, a topic we now hear a lot about, especially in recent years.

This alteration in temperatures and the resulting consequences are the “voice” of our planet, a voice that is asking us for something: to act.

But what are the causes of climate change?
Enemy number one is human beings, because causing the most damage is the consumption of fossil fuels, resulting in the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere.

What can be a course of action to stop this phenomenon?
here are behaviours that every individual can implement on their own, such as preferring public services or green vehicles such as bicycles to one’s own car, or choosing to travel by train rather than by plane.

Environmental ethics, a branch of philosophy that deals with the relationship between humans and the ecosystem, calls for responsibility, accountability on the part of companies and humans for the preservation of the planet.

And it is not only up to the conscience of the individual to do something; it is also a duty for us businesses, because we are also the ones that have the greatest impact on the environment.

And while it is true that unity is strength, this is a battle that affects each of us very closely, but also future generations. We need to think about that, too, and about the world we want to leave them.

What can be done concretely to combat the climate crisis?
There is a solution and it is called the energy transition, i.e., replacing the use of fossil fuels with renewable energy sources.

Cartiere Modesto Cardella has always been environmentally conscious and consistently invests time and resources to reduce its impact on the planet.

Today it is ready to take a new step forward: the mill’s existing anaerobic digestion plants for wastewater treatment will be converted into plants dedicated to the production of biomethane, a 100% natural and renewable gas to be fed into the national gas grid for use in transportation.

This reduces CO2 emissions, improving the quality of the surrounding air and the paper mill’s energy consumption by increasing the percentage of energy from renewable sources.

This is our commitment to the community and to the environment; this is the accountability that is asked of companies, and this is the way we, Cartiere Modesto Cardella, respond:



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